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Since June 2013, Kapa Foundation has served more than 12,000 meals in the city of Santa Monica. Our effort continues by serving more than 250 hot and cold meals every single week and growing.

We Serve local communities through our Volunteers & Donors: Please help us move forward and grow our cause by donating now

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Feeding the needy weekly meals at Santa Monica Turning Point Transitional Housing and Shelter, please donate to our cause and help us feed more of the under privileged in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Ca. Turning Point lost their main chef and needed a fill in … read more below …

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  • Turning Point lost their main chef and needed a fill in. With our good OPCC standing, it was a perfect fit.
  • The process had become repetitive. We needed to incorporate culture into the new cuisine.
  • More than just a meal, it’s about repairing a situation, nourishment through nutrition is a part of what we do.



Feeding the Hungry and needy.

In June of 2013, Kapa Foundation wanted to get involved in our local west LA community service efforts, so we approached the OPCC. OPCC has been around a while and seen their share of volunteer groups, so they were hesitant at first about our commitment. Within our first year, while still learning on the job, we served over 5k cold meals in the form of sandwiches.

We wanted to further improve on the situation with nutrition minded meals, which involved better ingredients and a shift in cuisine style. The collective effort of both our consistency and good product promoted us as an integral partner group for the OPCC. At this point we had discussions to have Kapa Foundation brought on board in a more permanent manner as a result of the positive change that we had on the effort.